Design Thinking workshops for Smart-up Lab participants

Design Thinking workshop was organised as an opening activity of Smart-Up Lab program. It was a two-day event (20-21.03.2018) for participants of Smart-Up Lab project in order to introduce new methodology– Design Thinking.

The methodology will help SUL participants to create innovation and set up their own start-up as a result of the project. DT workshop took place in Knowledge and Innovation HUB of the Medical University of Lodz. 31 participants joined the event. They were all divided into 5 groups (5-6 people) and obtained the same challenge to work on: the aim of the activity was to create a welcoming area of the Clinical and Didactic Centre (CKD) in Lodz. They were working on new solutions to adapt to needs of patients, nurses, doctors, visitors and staff.

As a result of the workshop, students presented 5 ideas how to renovate a welcoming area of the clinical centre in Lodz. Students showed extraordinary creativity and in-depth analysis of the problem. By using empathy (one of the steps of DT methodology) and numerous interviews with potential end users, students have created unique solutions, most of which will be implemented by the hospital management (such as interactive whiteboards, bands showing the way to the appropriate office and simultaneously measuring basic vital parameters).

Opublikowano: 24 kwietnia 2018