Team Building in Smart-up Lab Programme

Participants of Smart-up Lab programme are about to announce what TEAM they are in. By 27 April we will find out the name, members and contract of the team.

The Team Building has been considered as a key activity for 36 participants of Smart-up Lab programme at Medical University of Lodz. The objective of SUL is to provide participants with knowledge and skills to develop a product or services for the health sector. To make it happen, participants are supposed to work in interdisciplinary teams consisting of 2 to 4 people in order to identify unconscious needs of patients and medical staff, propose and develop a business idea. If successful, teams will enter into the market as start-ups.

The objective of team building activity is to create a space for participants to start relations, integrate and exchange their business ideas and personal contacts. The team building activity has been divided into 3 stages:

1. Team building workshop (simulation of role playing in teams) and exchange of business cards
2. Speed dating – face to face meetings of all participants with an opportunity of inviting other students to teams
3. Video pitches of individual participants answering questions „why am I here, why have I joined the project?”

As a result, students will form teams and work together in order to present and develop an innovative idea for medical product or services.

Opublikowano: 24 kwietnia 2018