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  1. Sequencing and genotyping of DNA fragments (PCR amplicons, plasmid DNA).
  2. DNA methylation profile analysis
  3. MLPA (Mutliplex Ligation-dependent Probe Amplification)
  4. DNA amplification and monitoring of results in real time
  5. Gene expression level analysis and small scale microarray analysis
  6. Analysis of the level of RNA expression in cells and tissues
  7. miRNA expression (single and small miRNA test kits) matrices enabling analysis of the majority of known human miRNAs, mouse and rat).
  8. SNP analyses (TaqMan SNP Genotyping Assays)
  9. Telomere length analysis 10. Analysis of cfDNA (cell free DNA) quantity and integrity in body fluids
  10. DNA / RNA level testing using a new generation microchip electrophoresis system
  11. Protein and peptide testing for the determination of molecular weight,  determination of compound purity, sequence analysis and identification and location of post-translational modification of proteins
  12. Creating peptide maps for identified proteins
  13. Proteomic identification of protein composition in the sample (combination of mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography (LC-MS)
  14. Multidimensional analysis of selected cell parameters - immunophenotyping, cell cycle, cell viability, number cell populations and subpopulations, cytokine levels and others by project of the client.
  15. Research using absorption, luminescent and fluorescent: determination of the level of expression of receptors, antibodies,  antigens, hormones and the activity of selected enzymes, among others method immunochemical.


Central Scientific Laboratory ul. Mazowiecka 6/8, 92-215 Łódź

Tel. 42 272 56 47
Tel. 42 272 56 44

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