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Oczyszczacz powietrza VENTUS został zaprojektowany do pomieszczeń zamkniętych do 150-300 m3, w których przebywa grupa osób w określonym czasie, a niewielki dystans fizyczny może sprzyjać transmisji wirusów (w tym COVID19), bakterii, grzybów między osobami. Urządzenie może być stosowane w pomieszczeniach, w których aktualnie przebywają ludzie.

Ventus 150 i 300

TorTex & # x2122; are world-class PPE using a unique fabric with a patented pattern and antibacterial properties, which are scientifically proven to prevent 99.9% of viruses and bacteria and reduce the risk of infection by 20 times compared to standard fabrics used in PPE.

Fartuchy Tortex

The system is the first Polish system that allows documenting nursing work and conducting didactic classes with the use of international ICNP dictionaries in accordance with the recommendation of the Council for e-Health in Nursing at CSIOZ of 11/09/2013.


HD 1001 disinfector - The device is based on a system of pipes with adequate drainage, connected to a hydraulic pump, which is activated by motion sensors

HD 1001
wzór użytkowy Ru.072388

Plate for the fixation of the fractures of the condylar process with the mandibular branch, after its fracture due to trauma.

Płytka do zespalania złamań wyrostka kłykciowego z gałęzią żuchwy
patent Pat.220111

TPC®, similarly to braces with barriers, prevents the tongue from being placed in an incorrect position, but its operation does not only consist in blocking the space for the tongue, but also in vertical positioning. The correct position of the tongue by the TPC® device is possible thanks to a specially profiled plate, which in the anterior region is led out in the recorded occlusion of the maxilla and mandible towards the lower incisors. The resulting tunnel uses the natural reflex of language to search for space.

Pozycjoner języka TPC
wzór przemysłowy OHIM 002522268-0001

Healthy Race is an educational board game aimed at grades I-III, which combines all the elements of health education in early school age. It consists of the board, activity cards and tokens. Plasma is divided thematically into fist parts: sleep and rest, oral hygiene, personal hygiene, physical activity and nutrition. The colored spaces on the board correspond to the corresponding colors of the Activity cards. Participants learn by showing, drawing, storytelling or answering questions. An extremely important advantage is the fact that all participants of the game are richer in new knowledge in the field of health education.

wzór przemysłowy Wp.28605

The puffin is a garbage can, specially designed to remove the rubbers when throwing away the masks.

wzór przemysłowy Rp.27633

Technology for the production of the ARGOPYRID compound - a complex of silver (I) salt with a hydroxymethyl derivative of pyridine and the use of a newly synthesized complex with a bacteriostatic and bactericidal effect, in the form of components of medicinal, cosmetic or surface use substances for hospital use. and antifungal. The compound produced in accordance with the offered technology is characterized by solubility in water and alcohol, and stability at room temperature.

patent EP2848608

The Healthy Lifestyle Pyramid is an innovative teaching tool from the Department of Psychosocial Rehabilitation of the Medical University of Lodz, used in health education. The board in A2 format presents the principles of healthy eating and recommendations for a healthy lifestyle. It also contains descriptions in Braille, which makes it adapted to the needs of visually impaired people. There is also a QR code on the board, which allows you to reproduce information in the form of sound.

Tablice tyflograficzne
wzór przemysłowy 3837608-0001

A trademark of the largest medical university in Poland - the Medical University of Lodz

Produkty z logo UMED
znak towarowy R.270064


Logo Znak Jakości i Innowacyjności

The subject of the invention is a device for fixing the connecting plate to the fragments of broken bones joined together, used especially in the fixation of the condylar process of the mandible and other bones in places with a narrow operative access.

Przyrząd do mocowania płytki zespalającej odłamy złamanych kości, szczególnie płytki do zespalania złamań wyrostka kłykciowego żuchwy
patent Pat.233495

A set of 3 plates of various shapes and sizes, used to fix condylar fractures of the mandible

Mikropłytki ACP
wzór przemysłowy OHIM 002270462-0001, OHIM 002270462-0002, OHIM 002270462-0003

A trademark of the largest medical university in Poland - the Medical University of Lodz

znak towarowy R.270064


Płytka XCP
patent Pat.227706

Virucidal / bactericidal flow lamp is a mobile device for indoor air disinfection. The device uses ultraviolet UV-C radiation with a wavelength of 254 nm, because this wavelength is the most destructive of DNA and RNA of any microorganisms.

UV-C Energy


Płytka dedykowana
patent Pat.229724

Standardization and unification of procedures and the launch of fully functional software supporting the activities of the Department of Pathomorphology, including, inter alia, identification of event sequences, inventory of equipment, human resources and the number of procedures and, consequently, identification and visualization of processes using the BPMN 2.0 notation. As a consequence, external software functionally integrated with HIS class software was launched.


Co-editing of the Accessibility Plus guidelines for the Ministry of Health

Dostępność Plus


Olini Olej z czarnuszki


Olini Olej z wiesiołka


Olini Olej lniany


Olini Olej dla dziecka

UMED-wielokwiat_1080x1080 (1)

Miód wielokwiatowy

truescreen wsw



Olini Olej dla kobiet

olejek-zlodziei-3 (1)

Olejek Złodziei




Olini Olej dla uczniów


Wizualizacja komunikacji – oferta DRSOZ


Olini Olej dla serca


Oilatum Formuła Zaawansowana emulsja do kąpieli

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