Preparation of biological materials for long-term storage (sample coding in 1D and 2D systems, data archiving  epidemiological, demographic, medical, etc.)

  • Storage of biological materials in low-temperature freezers (-80 C, liquid nitrogen (-196 C) or liquid nitrogen vapors.
  • Isolation of serum, plasma, PBMC from whole blood.
  • Automatic isolation of nucleic acids (DNA, RNA) from biological materials. DNA and RNA standardization.
  • PCR and Real Time PCR reactions in accordance with the needs of the customer

Biobank HARC has space for storing up to 170,000 samples in low-temperature freezers (-80 C) and up to 9,500 samples stored in liquid nitrogen (-196 C) or liquid nitrogen vapors. Biobank HARC is monitored 24/7.

Contact: ul. Pomorska 251, 92-213 Łódź, Building C5 Tel. 42 272 53 75;  42 272 53 76 e-mail:

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