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As part of the Business Incubator of the Medical University, we create an active business ecosystem.

We offer:

  • Office space rental,
  • Providing a coworking desk in „open-space”
  • Providing access to the Business Incubator address as part of the “virtual office” service that optimizes the company’s costs in the first phase of the company’s development
  • Promotion and advertising
  • A space that facilitates business contacts and cooperation between startups
  • Industry events of the innovation ecosystem
  • Lobby zone and the possibility of renting space for business meetings
  • A comprehensive acceleration program covering support from the idea stage to commercialization.

“Virtual office” 150 PLN/month, comprising:

  • We provide the Business Incubator address, necessary for company registration,
  • We forward tenant’s correspondence to the e-mail address provided by him
  • The tenant has access to the Lobby and the innovation ecosystem events organized by the Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer.


„Open-Space” 500 PLN/month, comprising:

  • We provide 5m2 of office space, a workstation with a desk, chair, lockable, individual cabinet for documents, Internet access and office equipment.
  • The tenant has access to the Lobby and events organized by the Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer.
  • The tenant becomes part of the innovation ecosystem having full unlimited access to it.


Stationary offices

The Entrepreneurship Incubator also has stationary offices for rent. Perfect location at ul. Mazowiecka 3 is:

  • Offices ranging from 20 to 40 square meters.
  • Access to conference rooms by the hour,
  • New building put into use in 2020,
  • Air-conditioned rooms,
  • Internet,
  • Lobby,
  • Garden.
  • Central multifunction device,
  • A fully equipped kitchenette with a dining area,
  • 24 hour security and monitoring of the building
  • Closed car park,
  • grounds of the Medical University of Lodz
  • proximity to the Central Clinical Hospital (Pomorska 251)
  • proximity to the Department of Molecular Biology of Tumors (Mazowiecka 6/8)
  • proximity to the Łódź Stoki railway station,

LOCATIONS: 3 Mazowiecka St., 92-215 Łódź

ul. Muszyńskiego 2, 90-151 Łódź

The offer is prepared individually for each client. The price depends on the rental area and the duration of the contract.


Piotr Makówka

+48 502 447 569

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