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Cezary Lipiński MD, PhD
Deputy Director of the Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer
Phone: +48 601 075 703
Magdalena Rybak M.Sz.
Department of Healthcare Systems Development - Coordinated Care Specialist
Łukasz Łukawski M.Sc.
Department of Healthcare Systems Development - Senior Coordinated Care Specialist

About the Department


The Department of Healthcare Systems Development was established in response to the growing need to introduce completely new solutions or modifications of existing ones in the Polish healthcare system. The Department’s strategic goal is to reform, develop and improve the system of providing health services throughout the country.

We deal in particular with the implementation of innovations in various areas of health care. Innovations of a technological, but also organizational nature. In the context of technological innovations, the department supports startups in the medtech area and creates prospects for the development of telemedicine in Poland. In the context of organizational innovations, he prepares and implements a coordinated care model in cooperation with experts, enterprises and governmental organizations.

Department employees specialize in creating process records in BPMN 2.0 business notation, creating diagnostic and therapeutic algorithms for the medical environment, as well as patients and their families, carers. These algorithms are guidelines and recommendations for conducting selected clinical units, in particular in relation to all chronic diseases. As a result, the Section also strives to build the competence of employees of the Medical University of Lodz in the field of process management, building the competence of the medical community in the field of communication with the patient and strengthening his role in the health care system.

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