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Agnieszka Rzeźnik M.Sc.
Head of the Department of Technology Transfer
Phone: +48 725 081 886
Aleksandra Łuczak M.Sc.
Department of Technology Transfer - Technology Transfer specialist
Phone: +48 799 092 113
Jarosław Kowalewski, M.Sc.
Department of Technology Transfer - Innovation Broker
Phone: +48 797 604 075
Anna Kolanowska M.Sc.
Department of Technology Transfer - Innovation Broker
Phone: +48 502 447 575
Monika Szcześniak M.Sc.
Department of Technology Transfer
Phone: +48 785 911 504

Department of Technology Transfer (STT)   When and why to contact STT? If you have an idea for a new formulation, new device, technology or its new use, or just have an appetite for innovation. If you implement interesting scientific projects and their results can be protected or implemented on the market. If you provide services as part of the Unit that the market needs? Are you just about to do it? How will STT help you? – we protect intellectual property – we supervise the procedures for submitting intellectual property in order to obtain legal protection and administrative services for the Intellectual Property Commission and Patent Attorney; – we will find an economic partner and implement innovations on the market – we deal with, among others transfer of research results to the economy, including the development and promotion of research and implementation offers as well as technology offers. In addition, direct commercialization, including setting commercialization conditions, preparing contracts and supporting projects that require cooperation of various research groups, aimed at commercializing research results and scientific studies; – we will support in the financing of e.g. pre-implementation works or we will find potential financing – we deal with the implementation of projects financed from external sources and contracts concluded with external entities; – we will help sell services – we provide services in the field of technology transfer, including consultancy regarding technology valuation, market analysis and technology implementation strategies; – we stimulate to be entrepreneurial – we propagate knowledge about innovation and technology transfer by organizing conferences, fairs, exhibitions, workshops or trainings. What’s more, we build relations between the University and the socio-economic environment in the country and abroad – we will support you in the promotion, because we collect and share data on the results of scientific research, scientific studies with implementation potential, patents, agreements on scientific and implementation cooperation, research and implementation offers and the commercial potential of University units; STT in the years 2014 – 2019: – implemented and implements approximately 170 agreements with business entities, – implemented 7 patents into the economy by granting a license, 2 trademarks and the ADPIECare nursing documentation and support system; – submitted 38 applications for protection of inventions in the Polish Patent Office, EPO, PCT as well as utility and industrial designs as well as trademarks, – submitted 9 applications for international protection, – obtained protection for 25 patents, industrial designs, utility models and trademarks, – built 246 types of services for the needs of industry, – participated in the creation of 9 start-ups – supported 7 Teams in pre-implementation works for a total amount of over 500,000 zł; further financing is planned in future years;

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