The postgraduate, EIT labelled, studies encompass knowledge and practical skills in the field of innovative solutions at the intersection of health and digital technologies, enabling graduates to utilize specific techniques and tools for analyzing European healthcare scenarios in terms of competitiveness and sustainable development. Consequently, graduates will be capable of identifying and creating new business models related to healthcare, implementing, managing, and evaluating new technologies (medical technology assessment), as well as considering regulatory conditions associated with digital healthcare (law, ethics, public health, management, etc.). The studies are expected to be mainly conducted in a remote format (e-learning). Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to get to know each other and collaborate during the Summer School, which will take place in Poland.

For whom?

Persons who have completed at least a first-cycle degree, particularly in the fields of medicine, technology, economics, or social sciences and are interested in the topic of innovation in healthcare, may be admitted to the qualification process.


The studies last for 4 semesters.

The classes include lectures, seminars, practical exercises, and individual work (in accordance with the study program).

Cost: 5000 EUR (1250 EUR per semester)


Marcin Ciszewski, PhD
Head of the Department of Acceleration Projects
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