The gender imbalance in healthcare entrepreneurship represents a loss for individual women and society as a whole. WE Health empowers women innovators and promotes a balanced community.

WE Health is an EIT Health Campus programme designed to enhance the participation of women in health innovation and entrepreneurship. WE Health empowers women health innovators by providing training specifically tailored to their needs, offering inspiration and support to help women advance in their professional careers. WE Health also aims to raise awareness of the positive economic and social impact of gender diversity in health innovation, while it seeks to generate new ideas that can promote a balanced innovation and entrepreneurship community.


WE CAPSULE 2020 in Lodz is aimed to empower nurses in developing health innovation. We offer entrepreneurship and leadership skills to women in the process of innovation, networking and mentoring opportunities.


9.10.2020 – WE Health Capsule in Poland


Ewa Nocuń
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