An intensive, healthcare focused, accelerator.


Health Venture Lab is an intensive seed accelerator concentrated upon healthcare sector, which helps aspiring individuals and teams to advance their innovative ventures. The program will offer a 6 months long development for candidates with an entrepreneurial mindset, who want to expand their personal and team business competencies, explore and develop their ambitious health-related business ideas. It offers weekly training sessions, coaching, and a Europe-wide network (EIT Health and RIS), where your startup can reach potential partners.


The Program is open for individuals and teams of students (from BA/BSc to PhD level), researchers, idea owners.


Programme offers weekly training sessions, coaching and a Europe-wide network (EIT Health and RIS), through which startups can reach crucial partners. Each weekly workshop consists of a teaching session with thematic presentations on hard to-attain knowledge provided by our expert coaches and of intensive one-on-one coaching sessions with business coaches. EIT Health-wide accessibility is maximised by e-learning options. In addition to the core course, the program offers three special events:
1) the Venture Weekend, which helps individuals form teams and explo re the feasibility of their business ideas.
2) the DemoDay and the LaunchDay, that open the doors to a large audience and where startups can network.
3) Plasma Weekends, where participating teams break apart to explore a new idea for the sake of a weekend, creating stronger ties within the participants. Acceletator progamme will take place in Budapest. We accept 10 teams from EIT Health regions and additional 10 from RIS Region, providing a geographically unique mix of participants.


Joanna Baranowska
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