Which challenges does the project DIGIVITALITY target?

The health sector is digitalising fast. Innovative solutions are being developed but their market entry or broader application often fails due to structural shortcomings. The DIGIVITALITY project helps health care innovations to enter the health care market faster and to scale up more easily. To do so, the partnership develops a blueprint for smoother collaboration among start-ups, med-techs, hospitals and innovation hubs, which is challenge-driven and based on open innovation.

Which objectives has the project DIGIVITALITY?

Strengthening capacities of key health innovation ecosystem actors: Open Innovation Training for Med-techs. Scouting startups to develop novel digital health applications: Start-up Contest & International pitching event for DIGIVITALITY Start-up contest´s finalists. DIGIVITALITY will establish a streamlined validation process, including early Health Technology Assessment and test-bed validation process. Main output of the project is the Digital Health Innovation Playbook that will guide Innovation Hubs, Hospitals, Med-techs and Start-ups on how to most effectively fast-tract the novel digital applications.

What are the expected outputs of the project?

The DIGIVITALITY project’s main goal is to facilitate the market entry of the digital health innovations. The project aims to improve collaboration among key healthcare stakeholders, including startups, medical tech companies, hospitals, and innovation hubs.


Mateusz Dworak, M.D.
Senior Project Manager
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