Pepite oZer e-Lab


POZE (Pepite oZer e-Lab) provides training and inspiration for students to transform their ideas and skills into HHA innovations to change our world for better. Relying on the strong structure of POZE (6 projects managers, 2 tutors per students, external consultant, 250m2 of working space), we will introduce the most practical workbook collecting all the processes to export to EIT Health partners, who want to promote entrepreneurship mindset, training and business creation. It will focus mainly on innovative prototypes in HHA, an offer of help to push solutions for Lifestyle Interventions, Self-Management of Health and Workplace Interventions. Thanks to our vast network of eLabs, we have access to many European students who can join us for these activities.


POZE is addressed to every single student-entrepreneur, who carry out projects in the following themes: Promote Healthy Living, Improve Healthcare, Support Active Ageing.


– HHA workshops (Prototyping in HHA)
– International communication and Silver economy
– Online pitch competition organized in Barcelona
– Online certified MOOCs
– 3 day Bootcamp including FabLab
– FabLab Bootcamp in Upsala
– Best Practice Workbook
– Networking evenings
– Students produce business plans


Marcin Ciszewski, PhD
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