8 months international solution-driven e-Lab programme
for future healthcare innovation leaders


The Smart-Up Lab 2019 is the third edition of an international e-Lab programme organised parallelly in Łódź (Poland), Naples (Italy) and Tartu (Estonia). It lasts about 8 months and will enable partipants to learn about ideation processes, business planning, entrepreneurship, value creation, market research, financing, product presentation and many other issues connected with business creation. The project also assumes the creation of interdisciplinary project teams, that will develop their ideas and products under dedicated mentoring.


Students, PhD candidates, researches, entrepreneurs from various disciplines: medicine, life sciences, economy, IT, technical disciplines or similar. You can already have your idea for innovation but not necessarily.


The programme starts in May 2019 and finishes in December 2019.

The course programme has been divided into 3 stages:
1. Introduction to entrepreneurship, team building and ideation (includes e.g. Design thinking, Enterpreneurship for start-ups, sources of funding for innovations, Project management, Team Building, Analysis of Client needs, Market analysis, Modern technologies in idea presentation, Idea presentation) – approx. 5-6.2019,
2. Idea development, plan of the product implementation (includes e.g. Business plan economic basics, IP Protection/Patents, Law for start-up – how to set up own company, Promotion for start-ups, Risk analysis, Medical devices and Dietary supplements, Consultations and demonstrator 3D print) – approx. 7-9.2019 (includes e-learning),
3. Product maturation (includes e.g. Public appearances, Negotiations in business, TRIZ methodology, Pithing in front of a camera, Study visits) – approx. 11-12.2019.


Marcin Ciszewski, PhD
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