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The MediHUB Prototyping Centre is a place, sometimes referred to as Makerspace, where theoretical ideas and solutions take their material form.
Sometimes it is also said that dreams come true here 🙂

In our Prototype Room, we have 3D printers, laser plotters, tools, lots of electronics and specialized software at your disposal – all so that you can build your dream product.

What if you are going towards a mobile application? Here is also a stand for building an application in Visual Studio with full support.
Similarly, full support in building e-commerce and other web applications.

Below you will find a catalog of services, but of course it is not closed, we evolve along with the needs of startups and if other needs arise, we will try to create conditions for their implementation.

Feel free to contact me and meet me in order to arrange the details.

Marcin Ciszewski, PhD
Prototyping Centre Coordinator
Phone: +48 42 272 53 79, +48 887 775 784
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