Innovative products for diabetics. 

Protection status: 

Patent No Pat.235228 


After processing the apples, valuable nutritional and health-promoting components are recovered from the remaining waste: oleanolic acid and ursolic acid, dietary fiber and quercetin glycosides in one dry fraction. The method also has the advantage that the preparation is stripped of the carbohydrate fraction consisting of sucrose, glucose, fructose and sorbitol, which accounts for its suitability for use in products for diabetics, while the triterpenes fraction consisting of oleanolic and ursolic acids, which show risk-reducing effects on type II diabetes, is retained. In addition, quercetin glycosides are present in the preparation, showing valuable health properties. The preparation, after processing, contains up to 80% total fiber and up to 35 mg of total triterpenes per 1 g of preparation. 


Ingredient levels are stable during a one-year shelf life at 20ºC. In clinical trials, corosolic acid administered orally at a dose of 32 or 48 mg/day for 2 weeks lowered fasting glucose levels in patients with type II diabetes. These subjects had stopped taking oral hypoglycemic drugs 45 days before the study and had not changed their diet. The decrease was 20 and 30%, respectively, compared to the pre-trial values. 

Stage of work: 

Ready-to-use technology and samples. 


  • Registration in the form of a product for special nutritional use – the use of triterpenes extracts to produce fermented milk drinks with reduced content of simple sugars and lactose allows the association of a natural product, with a composition beneficial for diabetics, with a preparation with nutraceutical properties; 
  • A dietary supplement or medicinal product containing powdered extracts of triterpenes and fiber. 


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