Method of manufacturing a multilayer microfluidic device for tissue culture under dynamic conditions. 

Protection status: 

Application for utility pattern W.129381 


Abrator is characterized by innovation – it is the only high-pressure device in the world that works in the range of 5-15 bar in micro-charging mode. 


It allows the elimination of decay without pain and vibration with a low amount of aluminum oxide used (2 g). It takes no more than 2-3 minutes to clean a tooth, which reduces the time compared to drilling and the currently used abrasion method. The technology is non-contact and precise, so dentists don’t need to use force while working. The Abrator IPS tool can finally prepare a small Class V cavity in a few seconds, and the largest Class II MOD cavity will take no more than 30 minutes. 

Stage of work: 

Validated, working prototype – to be improved within the graphic form. 




@: jaroslaw.kowalewski@umed.lodz.pl, tel.: 797 604 075 

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