Methods of fats and lard fractions oxyethylation. 

Protection status: 

Patents No Pat.228648 and Pat.228649 


The object of the invention is methods for the oxyethylation of fats intended primarily for the production of surfactants. The method comprises the reaction of direct oxyethylation of fats carried out at a temperature of 160 – 190°C, under a pressure of 0.3 – 0. 5 MPa, in the presence of 0.3 – 1% of a catalyst containing a calcium salt of a low-molecular-weight mono- and/or di- carboxylic acid, sulfuric acid or other inorganic acid, a low-molecular-weight C1-C4 alcohol and a fatty amine sulfate with a hydrocarbon chain length of C10-C22, with ethylene oxide dosed in portions in such a quantity as to obtain a degree of N-oxyethylation in the range of 38 – 70, ensuring the solubility of the product in water. 


The possibility of obtaining, directly and at low cost, water-soluble products with surfactant properties and solubilizing hydrophobic substances, for example: hydrocarbons, fats, chloric acid derivatives, water-insoluble therapeutic agents, and similar. The possibility of oxyethylating rapeseed oil, pork lard. The effects of agents using these technologies are obtained in a natural and environmentally safe way. 

Stage of work: 

Ready to use technology. 


Production of surfactants: emulsifiers, wetting agents, foaming agents, detergents. For use as a natural foaming agent for shampoos, gels, other cosmetics and household chemicals. 


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