Oleogel pharmaceutical compositions. 

Protection status: 

Patent application No. P.434459 


The object of the invention is a pharmaceutical composition in the form of an oleogel containing chlorhexidine or its salts, and its use as an antibacterial and disinfectant. 


Providing a new form of bactericidal and virucidal composition in the form of a gel for use as a disinfectant, where the gel is characterized by durability with no need for preservatives – eliminating an environment favorable for bacterial growth. In addition, the complexity of the hydrogel composition significantly increases the risk of allergic reactions. Thus, there is a great need to provide a simple in composition, stable and preservative-free topical gel formulation. 

Stage of work: 

5 pharmaceutical compositions (several configurations of substances to choose from) with 4 different oils. 


Preparations (including cosmetics and medical devices) for topical use, containing chlorhexidine – for use in humans and animals. 

Examples of use: 

  • Post-milking disinfection of teats in cows; 
  • Disinfection of hand skin or wounds; 
  • Supportive treatment of oral diseases, especially gingivitis, chronic aphthae, damage to the oral mucosa leading to inflammation; 
  • Supportive treatment of periodontal diseases such as periodontitis, periodontal abscesses, ulcerative gingivitis. 


@: sylwia.grzelak@umed.lodz.pl, tel.: 502 447 575 

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