Stomatological polymer membranes. 

Protection status: 

Know-how in the process of patent application. 


A novel drug formulation has been designed for use in the treatment of periodontal disease – polymeric membranes that release metronidazole and/or other antimicrobial substances directly into the dental pocket. 


The designed drug formulation applied in the dental pocket is expected to release active substances in a prolonged manner. The membranes have mucoadhesive properties and their surface is hydrophilic in nature, which is a definite advantage for future use in stomatology. 

Stage of work: 

The completed technology – morphological studies, pharmaceutical availability, mucoadhesion and surface analysis by measuring wetting angles were carried out. 


Class III medical device for use in stomatology and periodontology. 


@: jaroslaw.kowalewski@umed.lodz.pl, tel.: 797 604 075 

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