The use of platinum(II) complex compound and method of the complex production. 

Protection status: 

Patent application No. P.324829 


The subject of the invention is a platinum(II) complex compound in the form of a cis isomer, as well as a method of producing it. The process of obtaining it is based on the juxtaposition of a tetrachloroplatinate(II) compound and a 6-aminoflavone, in a liquid hydroxyl solvent, with protection from light, for 48 – 96 hours, at a temperature of 5 – 50°C, possibly stimulating the reaction medium mechanically. As a result of the described reaction, a complex platinum(II) compound is separated. 


The platinum(II) complex compound shows cytotoxic activity comparable to cisplatin in standard tests performed with typical in vitro cancer cell lines. In the process of producing the platinum(II) complex compound, the favorable combination of tetrachloroplatinate(II)/6 aminoflavone compounds in a molar ratio of 1:2 provides high yields relative to the charge level of the two reactants, and also makes it possible to obtain a platinum(II) complex compound with high purity. 

The new platinum(II) complex compound is formed by a one-step synthesis, the reaction proceeds in high yields and under mild conditions – at ambient temperature – and the product is precipitated from the reaction mixture, which superbly simplifies the procedure for separating the platinum(II) complex compound. Essentially a single isomer is obtained, and it is the preferred cis isomer of the platinum(II) complex compound. 

The reagents used to synthesize the new compound are relatively inexpensive and commercially available reagents. 

Stage of work: 

Product tested under in vitro laboratory conditions. 


Anticancer therapy: in particular, the compound exhibits high cytotoxic activity against ovarian cancer line A2780 (IC50=3.3µM), and also shows effective cytotoxic activity against non-small cell lung cancer A549 (IC50=28.5µM). In tests on human fibroblasts, the test compound showed no toxic effects, indicating its selective action against cancer cells. 


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