Training phantom for teaching basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation – ECO CPR. 

Protection status: 

Patent application No. P.443055 


The subject of the invention is an eco-friendly phantom for teaching basic resuscitation (CPR) compatible with training automated external defibrillators (AEDs). In the phantom there is a space for smartphone, with a specially designed application which provides feedback on the quality of training. 


ECO CPR is an environmentally friendly, epidemically safe product, that provides CPR training functionality in accordance with the latest guidelines and scientific knowledge. 

Biodegradable and recyclable materials (paper, cardboard, coconut fiber) were used in the construction of the phantom, and the technology used makes it possible to significantly reduce the cost of the device manufacturing.   

In addition, the device’s creators plan to implement a program to recover recyclable phantom components. 

Stage of work: 

The finished product; the phantom was presented at the IPITEX 2023 International Invention Fair in Bangkok, where it won 2nd Prize and a gold medal. 


The phantom can be used by medical schools: students of medicine, medical rescue, and other courses around medicine; it can be used by training facilities where courses in first aid premedicine are conducted; it can be placed in workplaces and made available to employees for training in first aid. 


@: jarosław.kowalewski@umed.lodz.pl, tel.: 502 447 575 

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