Protection status: 

Patent application No. P.434760 


Device used for endotracheal intubation – videolaryngoscope for difficult intubation. 


The main element that differentiates the device from classic laryngoscopes is its ability to collect data about its position relative to the patient’s airway and also about any pressure forces that are exerted by the device on the patient’s sensitive tissues. The device will allow the to warn the operator of too much pressure, which will consequently avoid damage during the procedure and can positively influence the training process of future doctors. With a camera and LCD screen, the videolaryngoscope will assist an intubating person in cases of difficult intubation. A direct view of the airway during the procedure will allow immediate response to the situation and recognition of problems before they actually occur, which should shorten the patient’s recovery time. 

Stage of work: 

Validated at the Medical Simulation Center prototype with all target parameters and functionalities. 


Emergency medicine, anesthesiology, surgery. 


@: jaroslaw.kowalewski@umed.lodz.pl, tel.: 797 604 075 

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