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The plant has equipment and a team of specialists and its activities is multidirectional and covers the issues of preformulation research, formulation and analytical in the field of medicinal products, medical devices, dietary supplements and cosmetics:

– pre-formulation studies regarding the properties of the substance auxiliary products and their application in the technology of medicinal products, medical devices, dietary supplements and cosmetics.

– increasing the solubility of biologically active substances from participation of nonionic reference and innovative surfactants;

– formulation research, composition and technology design production of solid, semi-solid and liquid forms of drugs, supplements diet, medical devices, a wide range of cosmetic forms

– performing pharmaceutical tests in the quality control standard product, e.g. mechanical strength of tablets, disintegration time, analysis sieve size, pharmaceutical availability tests (basket, shoulder, flow), rheological tests, texture analysis, adhesion, cohesion, hardness, spreadability etc.

– design and implementation of various research models on contractor’s individual needs, exceeding the norms pharmacopoeial and taking into account the specificity of the product or procedure, e.g .: research models for demonstrating specific product properties medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic forms, etc.

– preparation of generic formulations through composition analysis and pharmaceutical research of the original drug;

– conducting expertise in the formulation of drug composition and cosmetic and its durability in various temperature combinations and humidity

– comparative studies of medicinal products, cosmetics supplements diet of medical devices in the field of original and generic medicines, interpretation of differences between products for design purpose or marketing

– rheological tests of medicines and cosmetics, including advanced ones viscosity measurements, such as measuring the structural viscosity of a product at low and high shear rates, making curves flow, viscosity curves, thixotropy assessment and limit values flow

– prediction of performance based on rheological data medicines and cosmetics (product contact time with the skin, ease spreading, choice of cosmetics application method, type of packaging,  dosing method enabling efficient and easy use of the product);

– texture tests including hardness assessment, spreadability, adhesion and cohesion of drug and cosmetic forms, applied to the skin and mucous membranes

– contact angle and free surface energy tests, determination of the polar constant and dispersion constant of systems, drug forms,  membrane films and other surfaces (goniometer);

– developing and performing comprehensive analyzes of medical devices  (e.g. mechanical and physical models of covering a medical device layer) for the purposes of registration and audit documentation;

– consultancy in the field of building drug form and therapeutic functionality in terms of marketing history of products.

We implemented projects for: Institute of Heavy Organic Synthesis “Blachownia”, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Aflofarm Pharmacy Polska, Roche, Berlin Chemie-Menarini, Sandoz, 3M Poland, Egis, Celvet, Emopharm, Polfarmex SA.


Prof. Andrzej Stańczak, PhD,

Michał Kołodziejczyk, PhD,

Department of Applied Pharmacy

  1. Drug search, design and development
    • Recognizing the mechanism of drug action (target)
    • In vitro screening tests for activity (on isolated biological material, with particular emphasis on the receptor genetic pathways of hormone receptors)
    • In vivo screening tests (animal models)
    • Scintillation analysis of ligand-receptor binding
  2. Drug formulation development (API)
    • Analysis of physicochemical parameters including solubility, lyophilicity (Log D), persistence and stability of compounds which have difficult solubility.
    • Analysis of bioavailability parameters
    • Analysis of bioequivalence parameters
  3. Preclinical studies
    • In vitro and in vivo genotoxicity tests
    • In vitro and in vivo drug metabolism analysis
    • Drug pharmacology – pharmacodynamic and toxinokinetic parameters


Prof. Katarzyna Błaszczak-Świątkiewicz, PhD


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