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  1. Performing statistical analysis of data from a scientific project and analyzes using data-mining methods – the offer includes statistical processing of data from scientific projects and preparation of visual presentations obtained results in terms of publication or presentation at the conference scientific. In addition to standard statistical methods, we offer analysis large-scale data, i.e. microarray, proteomic studies with using bioinformatic tools and data mining. Possibility commercial cooperation or on the basis of scientific cooperation after agreement
  2. Consultancy in the design of scientific research and data analysis – the offer of consultancy at the design stage of scientific research concerns: calculation of the statistical power of the test or the required calculation sample size, help in designing the research concept from paying special attention to subsequent data analysis and evaluation possibilities of their implementation. Performing initial data analysis needed to prepare a grant application and description statistical analysis. The offer is also directed to PhD students and is implemented in the form of statistical consultations in terms of appropriate selection of statistical tests for the hypotheses research.
  3. Training in research methodology and statistics - we offer preparation of short group trainings in the field basic statistical methods used in biomedical research and the basics of scientific research methodology. We present examples of research scientific with interesting statistical solutions. Training is provided prepared individually depending on the topic of research, which deal with clients. Comprehensive biostatistics training we offer in the form of postgraduate studies:
  4. Popularizing scientific research with particular emphasis on translational research in medicine (lectures, lectures) - we offer preparation of lectures popularizing science and introducing the topics of translational research in medicine within conferences or trainings focused around scientific research in medicine. An appropriate one is prepared for the needs of the client presentation by our employees with relevant experience and training in scientific presentations. Lecture or lecture it can be carried out in Łódź, Poland or abroad.


Prof. Wojciech Fendler, PhD Head of the Department of Biostatistics and Translational Medicine Mazowiecka 15, 92-215 Łódź, Polska e-mail:,

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