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Department of Clinical and Laboratory Genetics and Department of Genetics Clinical University of Medicine has been leading for several dozen years counseling and diagnostics in the field of genetics – both before birth and after birth. We conduct research in the field of  modern aspects of clinical and molecular genetics. Together with the development of modern clinical genetics, expanding ours experience, we have implemented highly specialized scientific procedures and diagnostic, thanks to which the range performed by our facility research is steadily growing.

We perform research in the field of classical cytogenetics (cultures cell counts, karyotypes, FISH technique), molecular cytogenetics (aCGH, MLPA, SNParray microarrays) as well as molecular genetics (PCR techniques, gene expression, Sanger sequencing, NGS-panels genowe, exome sequencing, whole genome sequencing).

We also offer individual genetic design models of disease assessment in patients – according to your suggestion.

Unique equipment

  • Illumina Next 550 sequencer – a new generation platform for sequencing and distribution analysis of SNParray polymorphic loci
  • 8-Capillary sequencer – for Sanger sequencing
  • Real-time gene expression analysis platform, pathogen identification
  • High resolution scanner for analyzing the distribution of Affymetrix HD polymorphic loci
  • High resolution scanner for aCGH microarrays
  • High-quality light and fluorescent microscopes
  • C1 Fuidime – a system for capturing single cells
  • GloMax – a system for functional in vitro mutation analysis
  • First class laminar workplace cleanliness – 6 items
  • CO2 incubators – 8 items
  • Freezers -86C and liquid nitrogen dewars
  • An automated platform for ‘assembling’ sequencing, genotyping, etc.
  • The platform for evaluation and qualitative analysis of biological samples TapeStation 2200.
  • Automatic machines for DNA and RNA isolation.

Contact: Department of Clinical and Laboratory Genetics tel.: 42 272 57 67 e-mail:

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