Gasometer ring (Device for collection and analysis of blood parameters). 

Protection status: 

Patent EP3711669 


The object of the invention is a device for automatic collection and analysis of blood parameters, applicable in medical entities, as well as in non-hospital settings, without the participation of medical personnel. 

The device can be used in telemedicine, that is, to monitor a patient’s condition while at home and make quick medical decisions remotely. 

The object of the invention consists of a fixed part and an interchangeable module, having the form of a rotating ring (ring). In the ring there are four segments equipped with a puncture apparatus. They allow four independent blood draws from the fingertip.  


The purpose of the invention is to solve the problem of the need to carry out diagnosis and implement treatment of the patient in a hospital setting, and to improve monitoring of the effects of the ordered therapy – the user himself in an automated manner performs the collection and analysis of blood parameters at home, without the participation of medical staff, while constantly remotely monitoring the patient’s condition. The automation of the device is expected to minimize the involvement of medical personnel, among other things, reducing the need for hospitalization and the frequency of patient visits to the outpatient clinic for blood sampling. 

Wide range of use of the solution – the ability to determine various parameters (measurement of blood glucose, blood gasometry, inflammatory markers, antigens). 

Stage of work: 

Demonstrator available. 


Telemedicine, coordinated care, parameter monitoring. 


@: jaroslaw.kowalewski@umed.lodz.pl, tel.: 797 604 075 

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