Light-curing composite. 

Protection status: 

Patent application No. P.437328 


Modified light-curing composite for the restoration of damaged tooth tissue and for the recovery of tooth shape damaged by caries. 

The modified composite with 59% by weight of inorganic filler (variant 1.) is in liquid form, while that with 64% by weight of filler (variant 2.) is in solid form. 


The proposed composition will contribute to the prevention of secondary caries, improve the strength of the filling and reduce the deposition of bacterial plaque on its surface. There is much less discoloration due to consumption of natural dyes contained in coffee, tea or wine. 

Stage of work: 

The composite samples tested for mechanical, biological and performance measures. 

The performance of the samples was carried out under conditions in accordance with ISO 4049. 


There is a great variety of composite materials on the market, which are designed to restore lost hard tooth tissue. Unfortunately, current solutions still do not fully solve all the problems of patients, such as, for example, secondary caries, insufficient strength of fillings, susceptibility to discoloration. 


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